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Copy and paste the content in the box below and click “Rewrite Article” button. You can spin unlimited content.

Keep the language unchanged if your content is in English. You can select Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian or Turkish language for paraphrasing content in these available languages.

By default, if we have a synonyms set in the form "word1|word2|word3" and the content contains the word "word1" it will be replaced by either "word2" or "word3". But if the post contains the word "word2", it will not be replaced as the Article replaces the first word of the set, not the counter. By activating this option, if "word2" or "word3" exists in the content, they will be replaced by "word1" or another word from the set.
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Best Paraphrasing Tool

A best paraphraser helps to rephrase the content, change synonyms and sentence structure while keeping the same meaning. It is a free online paraphrasing tool with text editor for writers, students, and freelancers.

AI content rewriter allows writers to write and assemble the content by inserting pictures, hyperlinks, and heading formats. The rewording tool will keep the text formation same and will rephrase the text only.

Our advanced AI Article Spinner understands the difference between summary and paraphrasing, therefore, it cleverly rephrase sentences without shortening or removing them. The rephrasing tool also allows user to select and change synonym in the final result.

Why Use Free Article Rewriter?

Nearly all is done online today. That often covers projects, assignments for students and everything you can think about. Saying that, a great deal of scholarly research has to be completed online.

The challenge is that so much of it has already been published. Therefore, it’s a little challenging to create entirely new and original content. It often takes a lot of time and can be occasionally really tough. Consequently, not everyone will see any material and transform it into a different one.

Want to make fun, new material, but time is running out? It is not often the easy job to compose a text to make it readable and unique. For this purpose, we offer you Article Spinner–the ideal resource for producing unique content quite quickly.

Write Plagiarism Free Quality Content

If you’ve ever attempted to generate content on a daily basis, whether for your site or magazine, you may have an understanding of how challenging it would be to deliver high-quality posts consistently. This is typically time-consuming, effort-intensive, and needs top-level skills, including strong command of the English language.

But content is just as important if the online business has to go.

Of course, creating the content by hand is the best way to guarantee consistency and plagiarism-free work, but it is typically not easy, notably if you’re aiming for quality results.

One solution to cope with this is to employ a skilled freelance writer to help you fulfill your content needs. But, then, recruiting a skilled writer is not inexpensive at all.

And what are you going to do?

Ok, a simpler and quicker solution is to use an online rephrase method.

How does our article rewriter work?

This online software (also known as Text Spinner or Paraphrase Online) is a piece of advanced software code used to rewrite text (such as a blog post) in a way that the general context and sense of the original document stays unchanged although the text differs dramatically.

It works by logically reading and interpreting the text you enter and then rewriting it to create a new, understandable version of the spun material.

It is widely used by content writers, website managers, blog writers, and marketing companies to attempt to mimic the ranked content while keeping new version unique.

How to use it?

Our paraphrasing tool is user friendly and free to use. You just need to copy paste the content in the given box and hit the “Rewrite Article” button.

Next, you’ll see the rewritten content in the second box with “Yellow” highlighted synonyms. You can change the synonyms if you don’t want to keep auto generated synonym by the AI article rewriter.

Who can use our AI Paraphrasing Tool?

Our paraphraser is a sentence rephraser that is developed for students, bloggers, and freelance writers.

Students: can write unique assignments or can learn synonyms for a particular word with our content spinner. You do not need to check the meaning of every word one by one in the Google or dictionary.

Paste the content in the box and upon clicking spin, you’ll have the best generated paraphrased article in the output box.

Bloggers: can use this AI spinner to paraphrase articles or roughly drafted content.

Freelance Writers: use paraphrasing tool to create unique content so they can deliver to their clients on time. Most of such tools are heavily paid while our online paraphrasing tool is completely free and best article rewriter.