3 useful paraphrasing tools online

Are you one of the students who frequently get plagiarism issues? If yes, stay connected in this article. You are going to learn about 3 paraphrasing tools for students which are of great use and benefit for academic writing. Each tool is discussed below.


This is a good tool for rewiring the different types of articles. One might use this tool for academic purposes while other persons can make the best use in blogging. It is a good tool, which can evade the self-plagiarism issues in the article. Sometimes, a person who writes frequently on the same topic gets plagiarism issues. This tool can help to get a unique idea so the plagiarism issue can be avoided.


Prepostseo is the best tool. It is not only a paraphrasing tool but also a plagiarism detector. It can be used for both purposes. Thus, prepostseo is a useful tool. It contains plausible paid plans as well. Students should try this tool for correcting an assignment.


Onlineparaphrasingtool can help the students to get out of plagiarism, which is a hurdle in the way towards success. Thus, any student who has written a piece of contents either assignment or thesis, should paraphrase, and get an idea to remove plagiarism so that the unique thing can be achieved.

Paraphrasing & Plagiarism

What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is a technique to rewrite the content possibly maintaining the exact meaning from original content. It works with the help of some tools which performs it operation on the basis of artificial intelligence, database for synonyms & antonyms, and also other ITOM functions.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a similar content already available in a database. You might know that SEO experts always suggest the writer to write unique content on the website so that the better SEO and ranking in Google can be achieved.

Likewise, in 2020, teachers use online media where they can check the plagiarism issues. So, every student before submitting an assignment or academic writing should check if plagiarism exists.

Can paraphrasing help to remove plagiarism?

Yes, paraphrasing is to rewrite content for removing the plagiarism. The above-mentioned tools will better help to remove plagiarism. Paraphrasing tools have been generated just because of plagiarism issues. In a short time, people could not rewrite the content. Thus, these techniques are invented to facilitate students and other professionals.

Why every student should know these tools?

These tools are top paraphrasing tools. Students must know these tools to remove plagiarism easily from their assignments, thesis, and other write-ups. Onlineparaphrasing tool is mostly used for academic purposes. Prepostseo has significance in these 3 tools; it is also a plagiarism checker that helps more to paraphrase the content easily.

Can these tools help in academic write-ups?

Yes, these tools help in academic writings. While writing assignments, students cooperate with each other, sharing their knowledge, and having discussions every day to make their results productive. Hence, the students create plagiarism issues in their assignments.

A teacher will never accept any kind of assignment or thesis if it contains plagiarism issues. Thus, a student becomes responsible to revise the assignment, and remove all plagiarized content from the assignment.

Doing this is impossible without using any tool, as it is difficult to check for plagiarism without using the tools. So, paraphrasing tools can help in academic writings.

Other benefits of these 3 tools

These three tools are for paraphrasing purposes. Yet, people usually confuse that what are the other benefits of paraphrasing tools except helping the students in assignments. These 3 tools can also be used for the following purposes as rewriting tools.

Assignments & Thesis

These 3 tools will help students in rewriting assignments and thesis works. There are manifold university students who submit a thesis to their professors on a daily basis. They forget sometimes about plagiarism issues more frequently when they are in first-year education.

Such students should firstly check plagiarism & then use these tools to rewrite the thesis. Now, the thesis will be unique, and the teacher will accept it.

Content writing

In freelancing, there is a hot skill. It is called “Content writing”. Many students are willing to become freelancers in 2020, which can help them earn some amount for university fees. This is only possible when they are going to provide unique and original content without plagiarism issues. Otherwise, the client is not supposed to pay.

For writing unique content, it is necessary to check in the end, whether it contains plagiarized phrases or not. If it does not have any plagiarism, then it is a blessing in disguise. Many writers get tension about plagiarism issues.

If the content written has plagiarism, then a content writer can use these 3 tools to rewrite the content, but make sure the coherence, structure, and meaning of the content do not change.

Business proposals

In the time of 2020, every man knows about the COVID-19 onslaught, which does not allow many businesses to open on a regular basis. Thus, many businesses are now getting online presence to generate sales for their products.

In this way, many business owners will have to write different types of proposals to the concerned departments. The proposal should also not be plagiarized. Otherwise, it can have a negative impact on the potential buyer of your company.

In a nutshell, these three tools will also help people to write non-plagiarized business proposals.

Project proposals

Every single difficulty upon one is the opportunity to get profit for others. Even in the time of coronavirus, many business personnel and other famous personalities are trying to get health-related projects as it has now become a hot topic because of COVID-19.

Also, during the normal days of human life, many people offer the donors to provide resources to do something for the poor or needy. The offer in the text is called “Project proposal”. It should also be free from plagiarism.

These tools can also help in this case, so the donor can find no issue in your offer. Some people make a great copy to engage and impress the donor so that a project can be got as soon as possible.

3 useful paraphrasing tools online every student should know

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