Best 5 helpful paraphrasing tools online for academic writing in 2020

In 2020, there sometimes happens the time gets very short to rewrite an article completely. Thus, in this case, there are free paraphrasing tools, which one can use to get the desired unique article by changing already written words into their synonyms. Also, the arrangement gets changed, and write-up becomes very unique to use for academic purposes.

Some students even do not know what paraphrasing is. Some of the students think that paraphrasing is illegal for academic writing, which is not like that. It is legal that is why; there are tools available online for it.

Here is the list of the best 5 helpful paraphrasing tools, which can be of great use while there is somehow plagiarism in content, or you want to change the sentences.


Onlineparaphrasing tool is a great tool. It has very good features. Students can use this paraphrasing tool to rewrite the article. Most importantly, it has many other languages that the tool supports for rewriting the article. For academic essays, this tool can be of great use and benefit.


This is also a good service for the students of colleges and universities. Although it is a paid tool yet has much great functionality that students can use for academic purposes. Many people, who do not have the professional tone of writing, prefer to use this service.


This is an enormously praised tool as it says rephrase the text without losing the meaning. It means the students can use this tool to rewrite the content very easily. It can of great use while plagiarism is detected in the assignments or any other academic writing.


Prepostseo is the best paraphrasing tool. Students are blessed to have this tool as it contains very advanced algorithms to rewrite any article. One can use the tool to rewrite content successfully and easily. Although it does not write as exactly as the original content, yet provided you enough insight in rewriting the content.


Paraphrasing-tool is also one of the best tools to rewrite the article in the best way. Students use this tool while submitting the assignment. Sometimes the same assignment causes plagiarism, and students use this tool to get a different idea of writing.

Can you use paraphrasing tools for academic writing?

It depends upon the intent of a student for what purpose he or she wants to use. If a student is paraphrasing other’s assignments and then submitting it to the teacher, then this is going to be illegal or prohibited actions. If one uses the paraphrasing tool only for removing plagiarism from the write-up, then it is the legal use of paraphrasing tool.

Is paraphrasing legal for academic purposes?

Yes, students can use the paraphrasing tool to remove plagiarism in the assignments. Most of the time, students do not know how to remove plagiarism. They can use paraphrasing tools, and remove the plagiarism for free. Paraphrasing can also be prohibited for academic purposes if the students keep the wrong intent in using this technique or tool.

Are these tools helpful for rewriting assignments?

In every college or university, teachers ask the students to write weekly or monthly assignments. The students write assignments, but the main problem they usually face is of plagiarism. Students even do not know how they can remove plagiarism in the assignments.

Paraphrasing tools can help students write their assignments with ‘zero plagiarism.’

How to use paraphrasing tools for writing an assignment?

  • Write an assignment text in your personal words
  • Edit it with new words that you do not remember
  • Try removing the words which are extensively used in the assignment
  • Paraphrase the assignment with one of the tools stated above
  • Rewritten assignment is available for you
  • Try to maintain the quality and meaning as exactly is required
  • Your assignment is now ready enough for submission

How to use these tools for exactly rewriting the article?

None can exactly get the article rewritten. But these tools benefit the visitors a lot. Students can use these tools for good intents. The tools provide very much interesting ideas about the assignments and thesis. Every student must get the ideas from such tools after completely writing by oneself.

Some of the students try these paraphrasing tools and submit the assignments to the teachers. It does not work like that. The tools contain algorithms to change the content without changing meaning. It succeeds to do somehow but not very exactly. Yet, its ideas rewritten are of great use to the students.

Content writers are also supposed to get ideas from the rewritten content in these paraphrasing tools. Many other paraphrasing tools are also available to rewrite any type of text.

What to do if the desired meaning is changed in a rewritten article?

The best paraphrasing tool does not even rewrite in maintaining the same meaning. You will get a good piece of content with almost the same meaning. If the meaning gets distorted a lot, one is liable to proofread the content, and make some necessary changes according to the desired meaning. The students should only use these tools to resolve plagiarism issues and they must not copy others’ ideas, or do all with the help of paraphrasing tools.

Should students use these paraphrasing tools very frequently?

Students can use these tools for academic writing keeping a good intent in their minds. They should not copy others’ assignments or thesis, and rewrite it in paraphrasing tool. Many students cheat like this, and cause trouble for other students. Teachers strictly refuse to use such techniques in academic institutions

Students may use the paraphrasing tools in a limited use, like just removing plagiarism, and getting some good ideas with rewritten content. Paraphrasing tools change the content, and you might get such points which are useful for the examination preparation.

What is the purpose of paraphrasing?

The purpose of paraphrasing is to rewrite any content. One must not cheat in the assignments of examination using the paraphrasing tools as it is disallowed to act when referring to academic writing. Honestly, to remove plagiarism and getting good ideas, students can use these 5 best paraphrasing tools to rewrite the academic write-up.

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