7 Best article rewriters online for free

7 best online article rewriters free

Plagiarism puts a low-quality badge on your content. If you are willing to get 100% ranking in the Google search engine, good grades for your assignments, or anything that can benefit you in writing, you can use one these seven article rewriters online for free.

In 2020, it has become crucial to utilize the services of article rewriters for making your content free from plagiarism.

Why do you need an article rewriter?

You can use the article rewriters for changing the words in new ones to make it unique. Many people accidentally make plagiarism issues, and they don’t know to remove it. You can use article rewriters to remove plagiarism issues.

7 Best Article Rewriters

Here you will learn about the seven best article rewriters so that you can remove plagiarism, and make it error-free.

Article Rewriter Tool

In the content writing, you can use this tool for getting plagiarism-free content, error-free text, and quality language. In this tool, many content writers have utilized this article rewriter to make their career successful in writing different niches. Content writers usually need such article rewriters to make sure that it is free from plagiarism.


Do you know why plagiarism is cruel for your career? Whether you are a content writer, freelancer or student, you can feel the importance of plagiarism-free content. In academia, content is never allowed to be with plagiarism. You have to remove plagiarism from your article each time when plagiarism is found.

ArticleReword is a good rewriter for your content. It will quickly rewrite the content for you, keeping the idea the same.


Prepostseo is a good tool as well to satisfy your rewriting demands. It helps in creating unique content for your blog/website or anything else. Whatever you are, article rewriters have to be used in your industry.

Prepostseo article rewriter is one of the best rewriting tools to rewrite some text. It will change the words into the new ones, and meaning will be the same. If you are a content writer or SEO expert, you can get several advantages from this tool. It allows many features for manifold people.


Some years back, when there were only a few article rewriters, people were confused about what they could do for rewriting the text which contained plagiarism. SmartArticleRewriter is the best rewriting tool that you can use for removing plagiarism.

Free Article Spinbot

Are you having regular plagiarism issues in your content? Are you seriously fed up with the plagiarized content? If yes, you can use Free Article Spinbot to remove plagiarism from your text. Most of the students are stuck in getting high marks from their teachers as they mistakenly submitted plagiarized content.

Free Article Spinbot is a popular rewriting tool that can be utilized to change the words, and make your content unique. It will help you get marks in assignments, thesis papers, and research papers.

Online Paraphrasing Tool

When freelancing was not very popular or was new in the market, there were only a few content writers working online. Nowadays, hundreds of content writers are observed who are found to be new. Now, you can imagine how important writing has become.

These writings have to be plagiarism-free. In this, care article rewriters are helpful that can help you improve the uniqueness of your articles. Online Paraphrasing Tool is of one the best rewriters to use for making your content unique.

Free SEO Tool

Among the other rewriting tools, Free SEO Tool is also very great. You can rewrite any content on this tool to remove plagiarism quickly, saving your time. One of the best things in the Free SEO tool is that it rewrites in high-quality grammar, and removes plagiarism completely.

Why rewriting tools are important?

As you know that plagiarism is not allowed in the content, so you need to make your article unique. For this kind of purposes, it is necessary to use rewriting tools so that plagiarism-free content can be availed without wasting much time in manually changing words, and killing the actual nature of the content.

In this way, rewriting tools are very important to use for making your work done.

Is article rewriting allowed legally?

Article rewriting is 100% allowed if the purpose of rewriting is not vague or illegal. If someone uses article rewriters to save time, it would be a great action whereas if a student uses article rewriters to make a new content taking original one of someone else’, it would be known as an illegal act. Thus, you need to understand the purpose of rewriting.

Can students use article rewriting tools?

Yes, students can use article rewriting tools.  Well! It also depends upon the use of a person who is using in what way. If a student wants to cheat in assignment writing from someone’ else’s and is submitting it to the teacher, it would be called an immoral and prohibited act.

How can students cheat using article rewriting tools?

Students can cheat by rewriting;


In every college or university, students have to write assignments. Students usually look at each other’s assignment to copy from that. Do you know that a student can take someone else’s assignment, and rewrite it on the article rewriting tools? It is cheating in academic writing.

Thesis papers

Thesis papers are part of one’s university life. Students will need to write thesis papers and submit them. Thus, thesis papers can be liable to be stolen and can use others’ thesis papers to rewrite it and make one’s own.

This is a very common knowledge that using rewriting tools can make such things in academic writings. Students are young, and they don’t know the importance of academic writing. Thesis papers can also be rewritten & submitted via using rewriting tools online.


Research papers play a very crucial part in developing one’s career because it can boost the reputation of someone. If someone has a degree in the Medical field, and does not have a a research published is good. At the same time, someone with the same degree and published researched will be preferred more.

Final thoughts

These 7 article rewriting tools are greatly popular in all areas of education and other departments. For any rewriting purposes, one of the seven tools can be used.

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