Best paraphrasing tools online 2020 for free

Best paraphrasing tools online 2020 for free

Are you looking for the best paraphrasing tool 2020? There are manifold students who have learned a lot from the pedagogy. They are trying every time their best to perform in a way that can cause upheaval in their journey towards success. Also, thousands of content writers are burning the midnight oil to get long term and high-paying projects from the clients.

Students and content writers usually face plagiarism issues, for which they have to improve their writing, and paraphrase it so that they may not lose their worth before a teacher and a client respectively. Thus, there are the best paraphrasing tool 2020, which can be used to rewrite the content and make it 100% unique.

Top five best paraphrasing tools in 2020                             

  • SmallSeoTools

A great number of content writers use SmallSeoTools to check plagiarism, and paraphrase the content as well. It is a plagiarism detector, and paraphrasing tool as well. So, both students and content writers can use SmallSeoTools for removing plagiarism. It uses the best and accurate synonyms. It is a very good feature of this tool.

  • Onlineparaphrasingtool

For many students, onlineparaphrasingtool has supportive behavior. It helped students survive with the best unique content in the academic journey. It provides 100% exclusively unique content which is liked by teachers.

Content writers also use this paraphrasing tool to write search engine friendly content.

  • Seowagon

SEOwagon can help students earn good grades by their efforts, and help of this tool. It adds worth to the research papers, thesis writing, and assignments as well. It is plausible for grammar, coherence, and lexis selection as well because it rewrites quality content for everyone who goes to use this tool for paraphrasing purposes.

  • Grammarchecker

None can deny the best qualities of grammarchecker. It keenly performs its operations, and paraphrases the content in new words with similar meaning. Thus, this paraphrasing tool has the potential to satisfy the insatiable demands of academic writing. Grammarchecker is on a par with onlineparaphrasingtool and prepostseo.

  • Articlereword

Students as well as content writers are used to utilize the free paraphrasing features of articlereword as it has manifold features like the  prevalence of grammar, maintenance of quality, and correct usage of words keeping the meaning the same as of original content.

In which fields, these best paraphrasing tools 2020 online can help?

  • Academic writing

Students always want high grades in the final examinations. It involves different spheres of the marking system. Assignments and thesis papers also add marks to the total numbers in an examination. Thus, the paraphrasing tools 2020 can help in removing plagiarism from academic writing.

  • Content writing

Freelance content writers can use these paraphrasing tools online free to remove similar content to make it unique so that they can satisfy their potential buyers on freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Guru, and Upwork. The paraphrasing tools 2020 are helpful in content writing.

  • Creative writing

In the freelancing 2020, a new skill “Creative writing” has become a hot topic to chase if someone is willing to make thousands of dollars per month. In creative writing, paraphrasing tools are going to make the writers over the moon.

  • Business writing

Because of the onslaught of COVID-19 in December 2019, many businesses that were not available before, have now got an online presence buying a domain and also hosting. They are now available on their websites. They need business writers who can write business-related write-ups for their promotion.

Thus, the writers are responsible to provide plagiarism-free treatise for their business websites. Hence, these tools are very helpful in this regard as well.

  • Technical writing

As the 21st century is growing with more and more inventions, the technical niche is also getting growth, and producing more technical super-targeted niches. These all technology-related niches want content. Writers call this type of writing as ‘Technical writing’ in a specific terminology. The technical writing should also need a plagiarism-free article so paraphrasing tools are going to help out.

  • Web content writing

All sub-niches like business writing, technical writing, and others are parts of content writing. Content writing should necessarily be without plagiarism and unique. Otherwise, the writing or content is never going to rank in search engines, which will cause you to lose several conversions. The paraphrasing tool 2020 can help in web content writing to make them ranking websites in search engines.

  • Blog post writing

More than a million blogs are created per day. All blogs are like websites. Blog is micro whereas a website is macro. In blog post writing, every single blog post has to be unique and exclusive. Otherwise, the monetization is impossible.

Many bloggers create blogs to monetize them on Google Adsense, or get a lucrative amount doing affiliate marketing. These online earning platforms require unique content. Hence, paraphrasing tools will work here as well generating thousands of dollars for bloggers.

Importance of best paraphrasing tools 2020

These best paraphrasing tools 2020 have the extensively modified features than the previous year. So, these tools will work more lucratively in 2020 exceeding the amount earned per month through a source or another. Thus, these are very important in 2020 from every point of view.

How these tools have helped the students?

These paraphrasers have helped students maintain their grades in colleges and universities. The tools have helped to remove all duplicate content from the article, assignment, thesis, research, and other academic writings. Thus, all students should use the paraphrasing tools to obtain better marks in final yearly examinations.

Do writers get benefits from these tools in 2020?

Yes. The different writers get benefits from these tools in 2020. Some of the writers have got different money-making projects on freelancing places because the paraphrasing tools, which help them, create unique content, and also save the time of a person as well. Thus, these paraphrasing tools can be of unending recommendation.

Estimated recommendation among tools

Name of the toolQuality content (%)Similar in meaning (%)Modern lexis (%)Estimated Recommendation
Top 5 paraphrasing tools to paraphrase online

Top 5 paraphrasing tools to paraphrase online

In the modern era, there are more strict rules even in the educational institutions than before a decade or more. In graduation, you will need to write different assignments and research papers, which should be free from plagiarism, and unique. Thus, several online paraphrasing tools have come online to help students get unique content for free.

Also, cumulative freelancing requires paraphrasing tools so that content writers may generate unique treatise to use on the search engines. Otherwise, the text may show plagiarism, and Google as well as other search engines will put heavy penalties.

What is an online paraphrasing tool?

Online paraphrasing tool is a technically designed tool, which generates a new content based on the artificial intelligence and information technology operations management (ITOM). Online paraphrasing tools like prepostseo and seowagon help to remove plagiarism for free.

Top 5 paraphrasing tools


The best tools for paraphrasing include onlineparaphrasingtool as it encompasses several good features, which a paraphrasing should contain. Onlineparaphrasingtool helps in creating new content without changing the meaning of a text. It has helped several students to get good grades as the researches, assignments, and other academic writing needs paraphrasing.


Do you know that grammarchecker has helped many a man become brands? It keeps an important place in academic writing and freelance content writing. Grammarchecker is also one of the best tools that produce plagiarism-free content on the basis of subtext. It can be better used for content writing and academic writing.


Articlereword is a very much appreciate paraphrasing tool as onlineparaphrasingtool and grammarchecker are. It also adds value for writing new content in different words, but the meaning remains the same. Hence, articlereword should be used while writing assignments in university, content for a client, and submitting research to an international journal.


SEOwagon, as articlereword and spinbot, is a highly reputed paraphrasing tool to use in 2020 and onwards to rephrase the text. It will add savage importance to your write-ups. Thus, seowagon is one of the best paraphrasers, use it and make your life easier than before.


For removing plagiarism, and making your treatise unique, spinbot can help a lot. Many people use spinbot when they have to face plagiarism signs. Thus, use spinbot, and make your every write-up ready for submission and publication.

Onlineparaphrasingtool, prepostseo, and seowagon are used excessively according to estimation for assignments, thesis papers, and research papers. You might use these and other tools as well.

What to paraphrase using these five tools?

Every day, many professionals who belong to different walks of life write a thing or other. Some write-ups of these people should not contain plagiarism for suiting the purpose of writing it. Hence, for removing plagiarism, it becomes essential to prefer using paraphrasing tools so that the task can be accomplished.

These tasks are very gargantuan to list them, but most common of them are discussed below with sound explanation.

  • University assignments

During school life, every single boy has to write assignments. When moving ahead to the universities, students also write the assignments on various topics. But in universities, teachers do not tolerate even a single percentage of plagiarized content. Thus, these tools can come into use when removing plagiarism.

  • Research papers in universities

Students write research papers very frequently when they are in an ongoing degree. A degree is useless if one is not compatible with the related skills and researches. Thus, the students try to write at least 3-4 research papers during graduation or post-graduation.

While submitting research papers, it is necessary that research papers should be free from plagiarism. Thus, the above-mentioned paraphrasing tools can be used to avoid plagiarism and get new words for a similar idea.

  • Freelance content writing

There was a time when people were complaining about unemployment especially students who were trying to get a lucrative job after completing their degrees. Some people got jobs whereas others remained unemployed in the time a decade ago.

When the 21st century began, new things arose as well. A new profession got generated on the internet which is known as “freelancing”. Different people who have different skills can bid on the projects online. Freelancing included a skill called “Content writing”. It means a person becomes content writer and charges one’s client.

Clients may want content for either purpose, but there is no tolerance while speaking about plagiarism. Thus, also many freelancers and content writers seek benefits from these paraphrasing tools, which charge nothing from you. You just need an internet connection for accessing these online tools.

  • Academic writing

Every write-up written based on the guidelines or requirements of academia or curricula are called academic writing. It involves assignments, researches, class works, home-based works, and many more. Academic writing is supposed to be free from plagiarism as it is a professional work.

The paraphrasing tools mostly focus on the business and education purpose writing while rewriting the content. To remove plagiarism from your academic writing, one of the above tools can be used.

  • Business proposal writing

In 2020, even businesses have to write proposals to get bulk products export and import from the government and related organizations. While setting up small franchises of certain businesses, people write proposals to get the permission and products’ access in a town or city.

It is known as business writing. Business writings cannot be considers like only in the above example as it is a big field. People can also use the paraphrasing tools to make the proposals look better, unique, and without plagiarism.

How many paraphrasing tools are there?

There are various tools available in 2020, which are good as well. Some tools have been designed without much care and effort put in it. Thus, the poor paraphrasing tools are also available. The number of online paraphrasing tools can be more than thousands, yet quality tools are few in number.

Are these tools reliable?

If you are looking for unique, and without plagiarism content, the above-mentioned tools will be of great use either in academic writing or any other purpose where the text needs to be plagiarism-free, unique, and original.

Top 10 paraphrasing tools for academic writing

Top 10 paraphrasing tools for academic writing

Are you facing plagiarism issues in your write-up? Do you want to produce such a content which must be free from plagiarism? In this article, you are going to read about the best paraphrasing tools for academic writers. These tools will help in producing such content which is factually unique and original. Use these 10 tools, and start creating original content from this day.

  1. SEOwagon

SEOwagon is a very nice tool. It has helped many academic writers who scrambled very hard to pass their research papers towards international journals. Many students could not publish their research papers as they could not create original and plagiarism-free content. Thus, such graduates are facing unemployment as they have no authority for the unique work they have done.

Research papers play a vital role in building up a successful career. Researches need to have no plagiarism. In this way, seowagon paraphrasing tool can help you in writing uncommon research papers.

Numerous scholastic writers need to make various kinds of articles on a daily basis. These are to be necessarily free from plagiarism concepts and have to be unique in nature for publication on any of the reputable platform. Thus, articlerewritertool has played its pivotal role to create unique content for you.

Onlineparaphrasingtool has helped endless scholarly authors to procure the product of their paraphrased write-ups. As this paraphrasing tool provides unique content so are the consequences in a better way. Many students use this tool for making their assignments unique. It is never possible to denigrate this tool as it helped many students to join all walks of life getting the good grades.

The rewritertools is also one of the best paraphrasing tools online available to rewrite research paper to make unique and preferable to be published in highly reputable journals or institutions. It is very necessary each student of the university must publish 2-3 research papers during the graduation period.

Prepostseo is wonderful as it is dual in nature. It helps you check for plagiarism in your assignment, research paper, thesis, or other academic write-up, and the prepostseo paraphrasing tool assists in creating a content well in words, grammar, coherence, and meaning the same to the original text.

Grammarchecker is a paraphrasing tool, which creates exclusive content for your academic purposes. It helps in generating favorable content which is according to the journals, in which you are to publish your research papers. Using this tool means to go ahead for your research completion.

“Articlereword” as its name asserts descriptively it rewords the content, managing the same meaning and insight as of original text. You might belong to either college or university, but most of the academic writing is the same in both places. So, you can utilize the paraphrasing tool “Articlereword” for creating non-plagiarized content for you.

Spinbot is working now as the best paraphrasing tool, which can be of the best use for your academic writings. Most of the students in Asian countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh use this tool to remove plagiarism from assignments, researches, and thesis papers. So, you can use spinbot for removing plagiarized content.

Aresearchguide is a qualitative paraphrasing online free tool. It helps to add worth to the academic writing as most of the students want to get facilitations in their academic works. You might love using aresearchguide.  In assignment writing, it might help more than other tools.

  1. Paraphrase-online

Paraphrase-online is constantly rewriting tool, which is now very popular in academic writing. It has helped several people get benefit from this tool. For your academic writings and works, this paraphrasing tool will be of great use to remove plagiarized content very easily. It won’t consume your time any more.

Are these ten paraphrasing tools much helpful in assignments as well?

Yes. These ten tools are very helpful in assignments. These tools will help make better content according to the modern lexis and grammar point of view. These tools can generate the exact content based on the meaning, and in new words. Onlineparaphrasingtool and paraphrase-online are more exceptional tools in performance even in the list of ten paraphrasing tools.

Do these tools play a good role in research papers?

As stated before, the importance of research papers cannot be denied as it acts as an enzyme for getting a job after graduation is up. Many recruiters choose those persons who have past experience. But how can a new graduate has experience? It is meant here to have done some research papers, and other related activities which can be of great importance in a career. All activities which can be added in the curriculum vitae (CV) can increase the chances of your job.

How many estimated number of students use these 10 paraphrasing tools?

It is a very difficult query that might be asked by our visitors later. We have answered it now to remain unquestioned for saving your time and ours as well. There is no proper estimation for students count. Yet, it can be said in this regard that millions of the students use these tools because they savagely require such tools which can help remove plagiarism.

Can teachers use these tools to check the writing of their students?

Yes. Maybe! These are the paraphrasing tools used for paraphrasing purposes. Some of them are plagiarism detectors as well as prepostseo. Teachers might use the tools which are plagiarism checkers as well to check the plagiarism in the writing provided by a student. Teachers can also use these tools for paraphrasing purposes if they need it during their professional or formal working hours.

How many people recommend these tools?

Many people recommend these paraphrasing tools for academic purposes. Around more than 90% of people who have used these tools recommend it to their friends, students, and relatives so that they can also paraphrase and get good grades in academic writing. Otherwise, they might fail in examinations or get lower grades because of low marks in assignments.

Importance of paraphrasing tools in academic writing

Paraphrasing is very important in academic writing. It is mostly used for assignments, researches, and thesis writing to make them unique and applicable in different educational institutions.

Top 3 paraphrasing tools for research papers

Top 3 paraphrasing tools for research papers

Every single student of the university has to write minimally a single research paper because it adds value to the degree. One might not get satisfied without the gargantuan performance of a student after graduation.

Such conditions always compel the students to write a minimum of 2-3 research papers before they complete their graduation. Some students may not write the best research papers because of their low grammar and the onslaught of plagiarism issues.

Such students are fortunate to have the best paraphrasing tools online free to utilize for making their research papers unique and plagiarism-free so that the institutes can accept the researches. Also, the highly reputable journals require a plagiarism-free research paper.

Which are some best paraphrasing tools to rewrite content into a unique one?

In 2020, there are many good paraphrasing tools to use, but these 3 paraphrasing tools have exceptional reviews and recommendations on different social as well as browsing platforms. This is why; every platform supports these tools in providing them great homage by generating good words for them on personal websites. These are the following three tools.

  1. Articlereword

Articlereword has helped people discover new words for their existing ideas. It rewrites in a unique way, which helps many people use unique content for their purposes. Students, content writers, professionals, lawyers, and many others use this tool.

In colleges and universities, students have found great interest in this tool as it helps them remove plagiarism without any cost. Thus, for rewriting any content, the articlereword can be one of the good paraphrasing tools to use in making the content unique.

This paraphrasing tool has the ability to impressively change the body of ideas & insight into a new lexis. You might wonder that if you simply copy someone’s content, and paraphrase it, you will unique and new content. This is 100% plagiarism-free text for publication or any other use.

One of the best qualities of onlineparaphrasingtool is having multiple language support. See below what it says.

Among the three best paraphrasing tools, the seowagon is one of them. It also helps to rewrite content in 100% unique structure, the best vocabulary, and the fittest coherence to meet the requirements of a teacher, business, client, or any international journal (In case you are writing research).

SEOwagon can also be used for multiple purposes only for getting new and non-plagiarized content. For bloggers and content writers, seowagon can also pay importance to.

Why these tools?

These tools are working, for which these were designed. These tools have left no stone unturned to render the best rewriting services to users as these have the best team to maintain IT Operations Management , and artificial intelligence (AI) used while creating the paraphrasing tools.

These tools have;

  • 100% rewritten and paraphrased content with the best quality of text
  • No loss of meaning, and the similar concept
  • Collateral benefits of synonyms suggestions

How do these tools help in research papers?

These tools help in research papers very well. Teachers suggest checking plagiarism in research when a student completes it. After that, if plagiarism is detected, one has to remove it before one submits. So, the paraphrasing tools which have been noticed here can of the best use and value in researches.

While writing referencing and abstracts in research, it usually happens to occur some percentage of plagiarism. So, use these tools to make your research paper original and unique.

What are some good qualities of the best paraphrasing tool?

  • Similar meaning maintenance

Some paraphrasing tools are not properly designed, for which these make mistakes. In some tools, the content becomes unique but the meaning gets changed. It is necessary in a good paraphrasing the meaning should never vary.

  • No grammar mistake

Some writers use good words while they write any text. After completion, they check plagiarism. If plagiarism detects, writers usually use paraphrasing tools to get out of lurch. If they use low-quality tools, there occurs many grammar mistakes in the rewritten content. Hence, the best paraphrasing tool is a solution.

  • Good word selection

Words are the body of ideas in any language. Some paraphrasing tools rewrite but in informal words, which can affect your grades in academic writing. These 3 tools rewrite unique content in 100% formal and professional words, which boosts up your ranking in the ready-reckoner of your class.

What to do if the content is not correct according to the grammar?

If you use a low-quality paraphrasing tool ever in your career, you might get rewritten content but in a very poor quality of the text. Thus, what to do next? In this case, one can only use original text and let the rewritten content available for others who are used to use the low-quality tools.

Go on one of these three tools, and paste your text. Get a unique article according to the grammar rules.

Can we expect the rewritten content to be unique?

Yes. If we use these tools, then we are supposed to get unique content. The teams who developed these tools should have a decade of experience at least as these tools give us the best results. It also helps us in rewriting our assignments if any part of it is plagiarized.

Why these paraphrasing tools are more popular than other tools?

These tools are very popular because these have made their mark by disclosing their qualities. These tools always show accuracy in the works. For satisfaction, one can visit onlineparaphrasingtool, and paste the content.

After that, let the paraphrasing process start. You will get a new and unique content only within some seconds. You may try to analyze it fully and its grammar values. It will be 100% okay in the results. Human beings can make several mistakes per day. These tools can do so as well in some cases, but not frequently.

Why to paraphrase your research paper?

You must have utilized hours of work to write a research paper. When checking it, you might have got amazed at the plagiarism percentage. You need to paraphrase it for removing plagiarism. Thus, these 3 paraphrasing tools will better help in getting unique, plagiarism-free, and original content in new words.