best paraphrasing tools for freelancers

Best 05 Paraphrasing Tools For Freelancers

Paraphrasing is an act of using alternate words as that present in the original text being paraphrased, to restate the text in order to achieve clarity in the meaning of the text. Its purpose is to make it easier for one to understand the meaning of the text. You can use your own words which are much simpler than the ones present in the original text to make the meaning of your content clear and vivid for the readers to understand.

Now the question that usually comes into people’s minds is, why is paraphrasing needed? Why can’t freelancers simply copy and paste the original text into their articles?

Not only does paraphrasing make it easier for the readers to read and understand the content, but one very important aspect is that it saves the content creator from the embarrassment of someone claiming you have stolen their work. Now a days the original work of any writer is usually protected by copyrights. If you attempt on copying the original work as it is or word to word, then you can be charged for copyrights issue.

Since it is natural of you to gather information on a certain topic from here and there or different websites, so to avoid any kind of copyrights issue, paraphrasing is considered to be the best option.

Best 05 Paraphrasing Tools For Freelancers

The good news is,you do not have to spend hours and hours paraphrasing an article on your own. Paraphrasing tools have been developed to help you with that. These tools are basically softwares which do the work of paraphrasing the articles with in a matter of seconds.

But one confusing thing that many people have to go through is the selection of a reliable paraphraser. There is a huge list of the ones available online and which one should you choose is the main question.

To help you solve this query, we have shortlisted best 05 paraphrasing tools that suit the needs of freelancers in every possible way. If you are looking for one, you need to go through the list which has been provided below.

1- Online Paraphrasing Tool

This tool does the work of paraphrasing your article in every efficient way possible. This tool basically has an in-built plagiarism checker. After paraphrasing your article, it makes sure that it checks your article against different ones to make sure that yours is 100% unique.

On the other hand, when it comes to insertion of your article in this tool, you do not necessarily have to copy paste the text. You can upload files against it and obviously, copying paste is an option as well. This tool is said to be SEO safe. This means that it makes sure it takes good care of the SEO contents but maintains the keywords in your articles.

The biggest plus point of this software is that it is for free. Yes, actually for free. Unlike some other software, it does not put limitations on your for the amount of times that the free version can be used. You can paraphrase as many articles as you want in a matter of seconds with NO compromise on the quality and without deviations from the actual meaning of the text.

2- CleverSpinner

Well CleverSpinner is actually very clever with its functionality. This spinner or paraphraser has advanced levels of artificial intelligence present in it. Due to the presence of AI, it paraphrases your article in the same way a human would. Development of an in-depth understanding of the article is done through cleverSpinner and it then suggests some synonyms which suit perfectly well in your rewritten article.

It has many advanced features. However, the most commendable part is that this tool offers a free 3 day trial for you to use and make sure that this tool is all up to your needs. You can then go for the paid version after being fully satisfied.

3- EZ Rewriter – Article Rewriter

Creation of original and unique content is what this tool is a pro at. The list of synonyms that this tool suggests you are all unique and fit perfectly in your written article. This tool is also an expert at producing content that the search engine recognizes as unique and is extremely likeable by the search engine. All of this work will consume hardly a few seconds of your time and you will get a perfectly rewritten article which will be of a high quality and 100% plagiarism free. Oh and lets not forget, this one works just like humans would do as well.

4- Coder Duck’s Article rewriter

This article rewriter works for 7 different languages. This tool is known to offer the best features but all of those features are cost-free. It is able to create content which is all human readable in just a very short duration. To use this tool, you do not have to go through the struggles of account creations or sign ups. It is also known to be compatible with almost every browser. It rephrases an article to an extent that it is about 90-100% free of plagiarism.

5- WordAi

WordAi has always made its way to the list of best article paraphrasers or rewriters. Since this tool has a very advanced level of artificial intelligence, so it dives deep into your articles. By diving deep into your articles, it makes sure that the rewritten version is all human-readable and understandable. It does not only work in the ordinary way but it understands what your article means. It understands concepts and ideas and the meaning of every word which has been mentioned in the article.

After that it substitutes the already existing words with new ones and provides before you, a search engine unique rewritten form of the original article.